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Its Marcus variety is amongst those preferred by the Spanish market and for export.

At Yuksel Seeds they remain committed to continuous improvement, with specialisation and quality guarantee as their hallmarks. The seed company, a subsidiary of the parent company Yüksel Tohum, a leader in Turkey and one of the largest seed breeders worldwide, present in 80 countries, is significantly specialised in tomatoes and its market share in Spain continues to grow with Marcus, a very large, oval-shaped plum tomato, ideal for the Spanish market.

This material is characterised by its good consistency, maintaining a homogeneous shape throughout the entire year. Ideal for autumn and spring crops in greenhouses, it is also suitable for summer crops in high regions.

The plant, which is averagely early, is productive and offers large-sized (140-150 g) fruit, with a deep red colour, firm skin and excellent conservation. With regard to resistances, Marcus has the complete package with HR to ToMV, Va, Vd, Fol 0-1-2 and IR against TYLCV. For all these reasons, the variety “continues to be amongst those preferred by marketers for the Spanish market and for export,” sources at the company comment.

In addition to Marcus, Yuksel has an interesting catalogue with consolidated materials such as their pink tomato variety, Cassarosa®, the line of black tomatoes with Sacher, Kafetin (smaller) and Big Sacher (larger and resistant to TY), or the early sowing tomatoes such as Azarbe and Soda, which provide a solution to problems caused by high temperatures when setting and plant resistance to pests and diseases. The company also offers a wide range of the Cherry typology, with 7 varieties in different colours, textures and shapes, all with a common link: flavour. Amongst them are Pekbal (bright red), Zitronina (yellow), Chocolina (chocolate brown colour), Purpurina (purple) and Chick (orange).

Parallel to this, the seed company is moving forward in the resolving of one of the sector’s most important problems and it has developed tomato varieties that are resistant to ToBRFV, a dangerous virus that is easily propagated by mechanical transmission and makes the tomatoes not suitable for marketing.

To do this, they have research centres all over the world: Turkey, Spain, France, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil, amongst others. In Almeria, their research centre is located in el Poniente, and it has 5.5 has in hydroponics and soil used to develop tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines.

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