The victory of De Ruiter’s rootstock


DR0141TX, Multifort and Dynafort offer “tailor-made solutions” for all types of soil

Depending on the farm, each soil type is a world in itself and, therefore, it has particular needs. Back in the 1960s, De Ruiter realised this and was a pioneer in the research and development of tomato rootstock, introducing its first rootstock as a solution to soil problems. This knowledge has grown over the years and it is defined in a complete catalogue with ‘à la carte’ solutions with different strength levels. All of them provide better behaviour in the seed beds and against diseases of the soil (particularly nematodes), and a significant root development that encourages the plant’s health, it emphasises the variety’s generative nature, which makes it easier to handle the crop and it increases the production potential of the crops and their profitability.

From greater to lesser strength, the line includes DR0141TX, an “all-rounder” that adapts to many crop conditions, tomato typologies and varieties and, therefore, has become the reference rootstock in Spain, and the preferred one in eastern Almeria. DR0141TX is the strongest stock on the market and its powerful root system helps to improve the plant’s behaviour against soil problems. As it provides a more open, healthier plant, it is ideal for winter and it stands out due to its increase in yield.

Vitalfort is the reference stock for crops under netting. Its significant strength offers a clear improvement in fruit size, quality and earliness, along with plant health. It increases the foliage, therefore it is particularly recommended in crops with poor plants and with varieties characterised by a slow start to production.

For flavourful varieties on the national market (particularly in western Almeria) and also for the international market, the reference is Multifort, the leader for over 15 years due to its versatility and adaptability.

Dynafort closes the catalogue, with a more moderate strength, ideal for flavourful varieties, particularly cherry tomatoes. It has a strong root system that brings a faster, yet constant crop, which increases the number of vines at the end of the campaign compared to other rootstocks. The producers who choose it see a stable rise in production and quality of fruit throughout the entire crop.

New tomato from Seminis

Alongside the De Ruiter rootstock brand, Bayer has the Seminis brand for variety development. Its latest new material in tomatoes is SVTH2009, a beefsteak tomato for early transplanting that allows setting at high temperatures; it offers high production with very large fruit and it has an excellent post-harvest. Added to this is its complete package of resistances and tolerance to micro-cracking, which make it stand out from the other products on the market.

The brand also continues promoting three important varieties: the vine tomato Laujar, a reference for early cycles in autumn and spring; the loose long-life Bateyo, which continues finding new followers; and Ventero, a vine tomato that continues to be ‘the first on sale.”

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