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The company from New Zealand lets us in on its secret to maintaining quality all year long

Kiwis are very demanding plants and fruit in terms of the weather conditions where they are grown, particularly regarding the temperature, relative humidity and the wind, all important factors in the correct planting and growth of the fruit. In spite of the fact that the plants have shown that they have an important adaptive capacity, kiwis are identified as being fruit that, although they are present on both hemispheres, require special care and a specific environment in order to achieve maximum quality.

One of the main reasons for choosing one place or another when starting a kiwi crop involves the appearance of lengthy frosts in regions. Kiwis are one of the vegetable varieties that bear long, harsh winters worst, where frosts are usually long-lasting and can damage the crop excessively.

Even when the chosen site is protected from heavy frosts, it is also essential to have a relative humidity ranging between 60-70%, as kiwis are plants that lose a great deal of water through evapotranspiration, which increases if the humidity is low. What does this mean? With high humidity, kiwis tend to show greater vegetative growth and with this, greater production of fruit, while with medium-low humidity, the growth stops and they are not as productive.

These and many other specific characteristics that must be met to be able to eat some delicious and nutritional kiwis are not easy to find. However, in its zeal to bring us the highest quality kiwis all year round, Zespri™ has developed a method to be able to work with plantations on both hemispheres and which, in turn, ensures that the conditions of these plantations are ideal: the Zespri™ System.

This 12-step, quality control system is implemented in all the Zespri™ kiwi plantations around the globe, allowing consumers to be able to enjoy their delicious kiwis 12 months of the year, both Zespri™ Green kiwis, with a more acidic, refreshing flavour and Zespri™ Sungold™, the outstanding sweet, juicy yellow kiwis.

Two products aimed at different palettes and moments, which are within consumers’ reach 365 days a year, all thanks to the important commitment to quality that Zespri™ upholds in all its plantations on the planet’s two hemispheres and that allow us to be able to enjoy them at any moment of the day: breakfast, lunch, tea or supper.

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