Cosmic Crisp is successfully closing its first commercial campaign

A season, lasting six months, which has left a good taste in the mouth
CosmicCrisp 2

“The campaign, which for the first time has lasted half a year, has been very positive,” Klaus Hölzl, Sales Manager at VOG comments. “The demand remained stable almost until the end of August, when the marketing, still with incredible quality, was ended.”

CosmicCrisp® passed the test of the commercial campaign in the spring-summer, a period when the fruit showed its exceptional crunchy texture, juiciness and smell, which is the basis for this ‘heavenly flavour’. Now the VOG and VIP Consortiums are already preparing the next commercial season, which will start in February and a programmed increase in the amounts is foreseen, with production starting in new plantations.

“Italy, Germany and Spain will continue to be the main markets for this apple,” Hannes Tauber, Head of Marketing at VOG, remarks.

“It is a solid project, in full development. The CosmicCrisp® apple is changing the rules of the game, both for the trade and for consumers,” Fabio Zanesco, Head of the Club Varieties at VIP explains.

The brand has carried out an important marketing campaign both at points of sale and using a hot-air balloon.

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