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EL PINAR leads rustic varieties in strawberry plants

EL PINAR currently leads a varietal program of maximum rusticity, with materials consolidated in the Mediterranean Arc such as Primavera, Victory, Inspire or Renewal
Variedad Victory_2

EL PINAR leads an innovation committed to the current and future needs of the strawberry sector, attentive to the evolution of the campaigns and aligned with the search for more efficient and productive varietal solutions, in a context of climate change and environmental challenges.

In this strawberry campaign, the lack of rain, the delay in planting due to the high temperatures that occurred in autumn, and mainly, the lack of effective tools to undertake adequate disinfection of the soil, have prevented the correct development of the plants in Huelva (Spain) causing a significant decrease in its production. “It is the second consecutive year that we have suffered this productive decline,” warns Jorge Muñoz, commercial manager of EL PINAR, adding that “without adequate disinfection tools, this problem can worsen in coming years.”

In this context, EL PINAR anticipates and, after years of research, offers an innovative and proven varietal program, focused on varietal rusticity to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency of the plants, in adverse weather circumstances, guaranteeing good yields and optimal quality. of the fruit, among other parameters.

Within its portfolio, Victory has rusticity values much higher than other commercial options. Its excellent productivity meets the expectations of producers who want to position their quality fruit sooner in the markets. “With an increasingly unpredictable climate and lack of effective disinfection measures, the choice of resistant varieties is more necessary than ever,” highlights the commercial manager of EL PINAR, who reinforces that this requirement for rusticity must be considered both for the nursery as in the fruit production area.”

Potted varieties

 Spearhead in innovation, EL PINAR‘s excellence goes further. Aware of the importance of anticipate the plantings, it is moving towards the diversification of early plant types produced in pots. In this sense, Renewal and Primavera, already leaders in their respective segments, achieve an early plantation with good adaptability in high temperature conditions. These potted varieties are already marketed in areas of the Mediterranean Arc, where next year they will expand their commercial volumes.

In this way, EL PINAR strengthens its varietal leadership with Victory, Primavera, Inspire and Renewal, belonging to the varietal program of Plant Sciences and Berry Genetics, characterized by being plants with high added value in rusticity and adaptability to different planting times and producing areas, producing a premium fruit that maintains optimal quality standards for longer.

New varieties

Having consolidated its varietal program, EL PINAR has a new material (BG113209), currently in the pre-commercial phase, characterized by its precocity, high and constant productivity, easy harvesting and good health profile. “We have good expectations of development and commercial availability for the next campaign,” argues the commercial manager of El Pinar, adding that they also have a series of advanced selections that in the coming years they will present to the market where precocity and rusticity are reference.

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