EmcoCal’s white strawberry

EmcoCal’s Florida Pearl variety is one of the most important new developments to be shown at FruitLogistica 2023. Its most unique characteristic is its white colour.
Emcocal ADH-Florida-Pearl®

At the German trade fair, FruitLogistica 2023, Ekland Marketing Company, Inc. (EmcoCal) is presenting a premium strawberry variety that is very different to anything we are used to on the market. It is the variety Florida Pearl® Brand FL 16 78 109, a white strawberry, spotted with red seeds.

The new variety was officially revealed for the first time at the Huelva International Berry Fruit Congress, and it has gained a sterling reputation. Now, it is making its international debut in Berlin.

The researcher from the University of Florida who is in charge of crops at EmcoCal, Vance Whitaker, explains that “it is a fruit with a delicious tropical flavour, a slight taste and aroma of pineapple and an attractive conical shape.”

The plant goes into production between 50 and 60 days after planting and it usually gives fruit from November to June. As with most of EmcoCal’s varieties, it is highly productive, with a yield of over one kilo per plant and it is characterised by an excellent shelf life.

The white strawberry variety with the brand name Florida Pearl® managed by Ekland Marketing Company, Inc. (Emco Cal), is grown in the province of Huelva and Emco Cal is bringing it to the market as a unique premium product, with very high quality and a limited offer for consumers with high purchasing power.

Florida Pearl® is marketed under an official brand, in a specific format, with a designer box to dress this special product, accompanying its visual appearance, which is completely different to the red shades of traditional strawberries.

Very strict guidelines

The partners in the Florida Pearl® brand follow some very strict quality guidelines to guarantee that only the best fruit reaches the market, with parameters that go way beyond those for a top-quality fruit.

This white strawberry is characterised by being a very early variety, from short days, and fruit with a very peculiar appearance, white both outside and inside, conical and medium-sized.

Added to its unique appearance are its extraordinary organoleptic qualities. The taste tests have defined its flavour ranging between apricot, pineapple and peach.

Florida Pearl® forms part of the variety improvement programme by the University of Florida, managed worldwide Ekland Marketing Company, Inc. (EMCO CAL).

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