Europatat’s new strategy

The strategy for the 2022 to 2025 period to be followed by Europatat will be based on 4 pillars
europatat presidente

Developing the association and its members; dialogue; information and communication; and the RUCIP. Regarding the appointments, the new Chairman, Tigran Richter replaces Gilles Fontaine (Desmazières). Heero Gramsma (Luonnosta) was also re-elected as the Treasurer until 2026 and Domenico Citterio (Fruitimprese) remains in his position as Vice-chairman until 2024.

During the meeting there were meetings of the Europatat commissions around which this body is organised: early, seed and consumption potato and packagers, the commission on technical matters and related regulations and the RUCIP Commission, a code that includes the Rules and Practices of the Inter European Trade in Potatoes and that is aimed at making the resolution of commercial disputes more flexible in the potato sector.

In the early potato and consumption potato and packagers commissions, the surface area and production data was presented, as well as the consumption, which in virtually all countries is dropping. Furthermore, the requirements demanded by the distribution were also analysed (the different labels that are required in the fields, the warehouses, origin labelling…)

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