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Frost Protection : 2 degrees more with Arrigoni screens

Arrigoni offers a diversified range of innovative products to mitigate low temperatures, able to prevent or reduce the incidence of frost damage. Recent tests in the UK and Italy’s Lazio region prove their efficacy

With the problems arising from climate change, late frost damage is an ever-increasing threat and events of this kind can jeopardise crops and the results of the whole farming year from the outset.  

The critical period for frost damage begins when plants and trees emerge from their winter dormancy and it is at that time that farmers must be ready to combat adverse weather conditions with active crop protection methods.  

Arrigoni, European leader in the production of technical textiles for agriculture, offers a series of solutions that provide real, effective answers for preventing or reducing the incidence of frost damage, depending on the climate zone and cultivation requirements.  


Arrigoni textile screens are designed to provide multifunctional effectiveness. As well as enabling significant control in relation to late frosts, they provide physical protection against a variety of threats (birds, hail, insects, excessive UV radiation, rain, etc.) and modify the growing environment (humidity, shade, temperature).  

Specifically, for frost protection the net acts like a blanket, trapping the frost on its surface and holding in the heat which the ground accumulates during the day and gives out at night, while in the daytime it reduces crop heating. This means that the net maintains a more balanced temperature, preventing harmful thermal shocks between day and night. The level of frost protection increases in proportion to the density of the technical textile and is enhanced if the sides of the structure are enclosed during the critical period.  

Arrigoni’s most innovative solutions include Protecta®, a covering system in high-tenacity Arlene Diamond monofilament, able to provide temperature control, ventilation and high strength. The Arrigoni multifunctional protective solution is effective even in particularly windy locations.  

In February 2022 a farm in the UK achieved measurable results on plum and apricot orchards: compared to the open field, the night-time temperature inside the Protecta® screens was at least 2 degrees higher. What’s more, the textile’s very dense weave also provided excellent protection against rain and frost, while still enabling a calibrated air flow, optimal for crop growth.  

According to data from the same tests with Protecta®, there were no significant changes in air humidity underneath the textile compared to the open field, with values just 2% higher. Very probably, this difference is due to the fact that the air underneath the covering is warmer.  

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