“I am the first: it is time”

Sooner or later, citric producers have to decide which variety to choose from the multitude on offer of mandarins, clementines or satsumas, present on the citrus fruit harvesting calendar.
mandarina seedless US Early Pride

In this context, the protected variety US Early Pride appears on this variety scene with an already consolidated value, as it has been successfully grown in other countries such as the USA.

This variety would be the first radiated mandarin hybrid on the harvesting calendar of the varieties that are grown today in Spain. Its optimum harvesting time starts at the end of October and continues until the end of December. All of this, without mentioning the fact that the fruit can remain on the tree after ripening. For this reason, at the end of October, this appealing mandarin is already available: a fruit with a very, very deep reddish-orange colour.

Professionals from the sector will quickly understand the importance of this fruit segment, with such a colour at such an early period. This is the reason behind the slogan and the title of this article. The fact that it starts earlier has many consequences regarding water resources, which are so scarce at present, agronomical handling and of course, economic consequences. First come, first served, as we would all say.

A variety that starts earlier, with fruit that does not contain any seeds, being described by the Technical Inspection Unit for Variety Identification of the Spanish Vegetable Varieties Office as a seedless mandarin. The feasibility of its pollen is very low, as its germination potential is below ten percent (10%).

The Early Pride can live alongside pollinator varieties and with our environmentally-conserving friends, the bees. Therefore, it is another way to conserve these organisms in the agricultural ecosystems and thus, agricultural diversity, contributing to bringing stability to the imminent, or rather, already existing climate change. Additionally, it is not sensitive to pixat or water staining due to the shape of its flattened fruit and to the texture of its skin.

 The Laboratory authorised by the Vegetable Health Service of the Agriculture Department of the Valencian Regional Government, ValGenetics, has tested its resistance to Alternaria alternate, which is another of its special characteristics, meaning that farmers do not have to adopt prevention steps.

We should not forget its stalk and leaves, which make it particularly attractive for the lovers of the leafed vegetable market, welcomed by consumers and also for the freshness of the product itself. In recent years the market has pushed many farmers to seek out a sign of differentiation aimed at being able to reach their market share and this variety offers a new option, which also includes easy-peeling due to the weak adherence of the skin to the fruit.

It reaches the market endorsed by farmers with extensive experience as the associates of the exclusive Varity Licensee, the new company Euro Varieties Agronomic Management, S.L.o EVAM to its friends, are fruit producers and the second generation of a family that has devoted an entire lifetime and effort to citrus fruits. The latest commitment by its members has been consolidated through the American body New Varieties Development and Management Corporation, Master Licence, for this American variety belonging to the United States Department of Agriculture USDA).

It is the time to discover it!

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