Looije is increasing its surface area

In 2022/23, it will add almost 7.5 ha and strengthen its commitment to Kumato cherry tomatoes.
Jacqueline Looije

In this campaign, Looije is strengthening its crop surface area, adding another almost 7.5 hectares. “We will continue to be strongly committed to our flagship product, the round cherry tomato; although at the same time we will once again be growing plum and Kumato cherry tomatoes,” explains Jacqueline Looije, the General Manager of the company.

As a new development, in this campaign Looije will continue developing Kumato cherry tomatoes, devoting most of their crop surface area to this variety. “There is a very high level of acceptance by clients; therefore, we are not ruling out extending our surface area in the future.”

In its desire for continuous improvement, the company is studying the possibility of growing new Cherry typologies.

After the 2021/22 campaign, in which the weather conditions were very bad, adversely affecting the volume produced, this year at Looije they hope to continue the line of growth they started in 2018, when they incorporated 28 hectares to their production from one of their associates.

“In a first stage, we built a new greenhouse in 2019. Later on, last August, we finished the construction of the next greenhouse, equipped with the latest technological developments, and where we finished planting at the end of August.”

Holland, strong mid-year

In the sector, an increase in commercial demand for the colder months is being perceived due to the drop in Dutch production as a result of the energy crisis. A situation that Looije is suffering first hand, as its parent company is located in Holland. There is also great uncertainty about the situation there and, therefore, they consider that it will be necessary to adapt to the situation as it occurs. Since it is expected that if Holland opts for cultivating using traditional methods, its production will be very strong during the central part of the year.

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