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Moyca: the silent giant that is growing

The company from Murcia Moyca, with participation by the Pro Capital investment fund, is one of the most relevant firms on the European scenario as a producer and marketer of grapes


Investment in technology and varieties has become a permanent factor in its journey. For this campaign, it will open a new preparation building and it will add greater crop surface area.

The new warehouse covering 15,000 m² is strategically located close to the highlands of Murcia, specifically in the town of Cieza, and it will allow greater efficiency in the productions located in this area. The main warehouse is located in Totana, almost at the diagonally opposite end of Murcia from the one that is about to start operating. With a budget of nearly 12 million euros, the new installations will be equipped with the cutting edge technology and robotics on the market. Antonio Domene, CEO of the company, affirms that “grapes are a very delicate produce and require important investments in infrastructure to meet the most demanding markets. This is where a large part of our success lies, in the differentiating element.”

And so it goes on

Investment in real estate or technology is not the only important stronghold of the company from Murcia, as the company is increasing its surface area at the rate of 100 ha per year.

The activity in the variety area is also a constant that allows Moyca to be a global benchmark due to its continuous incorporation of exclusive varieties. Amongst these are the famous Cotton Candy, Ralli and Muscat Beauty. Krissy, K2 and K3 also stand out for their tropical mango flavour; K3 FunnyFingers, with the peculiar “witch’s fingers” shape; and StrawGrapes, with a delicious strawberry flavour.

Specialities aside, Moyka has a great capacity for producing the most popular varieties on the market (Superior, Crimson, AutumCrisp and Allison), reaching a total of crop surface area of over 2,000 ha and a volume that shortly will consolidate very close to 50,000 tn.

At the same time that the company is growing in infrastructures and production, Moyca is also moving forward in sustainability. One of its latest projects was the installation of 369 Kwp of solar panels, which allow it to generate 83% of the energy that its installations consume and reduce its carbon footprint by 155 tn per year.


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