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Rijk Zwaan launches first tomato varieties with high resistance against ToBRFV

The Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus or ToBRFV has been causing major economic losses in tomato cultivation worldwide. Rijk Zwaan’s team of researchers found new, unique genetics resulting in a high resistance level to ToBRFV.

HR ToBRFV – Rugose Defense

Soon after this discovery, breeders started to develop resistant varieties in all worldwide breeding programmes and extensively tested these varieties internally as well as with leading growers to assess their agronomic value. Rijk Zwaan now offers growers the best performing hybrids under the Rugose Defense label, including mini plum, cherry TOV, cocktail and medium TOV tomato varieties.

Compatible with all commercial rootstocks

Rijk Zwaan tomato varieties with high resistance to ToBRFV are compatible with all commercially available rootstocks. Trials have shown that rootstock variety Suzuka RZ performs strongly in combination with both susceptible and resistant tomato varieties.

Contact for more information

In the coming period, Rijk Zwaan will continue to introduce new varieties suitable for high-tech and protected cultivation. Rijk Zwaan would like to thank all growers who supported the company in testing the first HR resistant tomatoes for high-tech cultivation. Keen to know more? Visit Rijk Zwaan’s local Rugose Defense page and watch the introduction video.

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