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Another means of staying close to its customers, a kind of “digital sales consultant” which advises visitors on the best solutions to their needs quickly, easily and exhaustively.
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Sorma Group starts the autumn season with a new website, entirely renewed in both design and structure, the portal is launched with the main aim of providing a new tool to express the Group’s closeness to its customers and its unity, two of its key distinguishing features. [Ritorno a capo del testo]In lines with the growing potential of digitalisation and the tendency to use the web as primary search source, the site delivers more accessible, more complete information about the entire Sorma Group offering.

“After an almost 50-year history of inventions, successes and acquisitions,” explains the company’s Marketing Manager Mario Mercadini, “Sorma is the only organisation able to design an entire processing line, from A to Z. We decided to produce a new website in order to provide all our customers with a simple, user-friendly way of exploring the Sorma Group’s vast selection of products. It was not easy to organise an integrated offering of over 160 machinery and 50 packaging models, but we wanted to give our customers an additional support service. We see the website as our “digital sales consultant”, tasked with guiding and directing the visitor through our solutions: an online tool, available for use at any time, complementing the rapid, effective support that we at Sorma supply to our customers in person, which will continue to be our main focus. We believe it is important for customers to have quick, easy, exhaustive access to answers to the questions that occur to them, via both physical and digital channels.”

Therefore, the new site was designed with the same approach as that adopted by the company’s engineers and technicians: in fact, for every processing phase, Sorma offers the fully line of automated machinery and packaging materials needed to meet the customer’s demands. All solutions are correlated and overall they meet all warehouse requirements. The site’s architecture thus reflects this correlation: in other words, the interrelation between the various sections means that anyone performing a search for just one part of the process can also be directed to all the other possible solutions correlated with it. For example, after searching for a type of packaging, direct access to the page of compatible packaging machines is also offered. What’s more, the most suitable fruit and vegetable products and the types for which it can also be used are specified for every machine or packaging.

What’s more, the portal, in Italian and English (and also in the other languages of the countries served by the associate enterprises in the future), provides a unified information channel for the entire Group and all the subsidiaries, an easy-to-download, constantly up-to-date digital catalogue; to aid sustainability, a function for printout of only the data sheet of the product of interest is included.

In spite of this wealth of contents, the structure is simple and user-friendly. Machines, Packaging and Sorter Machines are the three menu headings into which Sorma Group’s product offering is subdivided. Sorter machines have their own specific page because Sorma wishes to highlight these products, which use different software and technologies from weighing and packing machines and are also viewed as a separate category by the fruit and vegetable industry itself.

The other sections within the menu are: Sustainability, containing the company’s product and process certifications; News, with features about the Group and background information; The Group, with all Sorma companies, warehouses and dealers worldwide on an interactive map; Customers, which details the most common requirements; Used, with previously owned machinery offered for sale by Sorma and Work for us.

The navigation path is designed to focus on customers’ various needs. One of the most important, leading-edge innovations, which brings the customer closer to visitors, is interactive rendering. Placed at the start of the Machines section, it portrays the phases in the processing of fruit and vegetables in the warehouse. Visitors can click the phase of interest for rapid access to the full list of the machines required and the pages dedicated to each of them. Otherwise, using the filters provided in the Machines, Packaging and Sorter Machines sections, visitors can start their search from the type (or characteristics) of fruit and vegetables to be processed, and be guided to the suitable packaging and machinery solutions.

“The new portal is Sorma’s business card,” Mr Mercadini continues. “It is designed to transmit the company’s working philosophy, which focuses on providing a complete, correlated response to the fruit and vegetable trade’s various post-harvesting requirements. This is done both with a vertical approach, with high quality products entirely designed, developed and built by Sorma, and horizontally, with the breadth of offering of packaging machinery and materials (strips, nets and labels). Another aim of the site is to convey the Group’s unified identity, which means the ability to assist its customers worldwide, knowledge of each country’s specific demands, and also the sharing of positive experience gained elsewhere.”

The new site is only the first of the innovations Sorma Group will be presenting during the autumn: upcoming dates at Fruit Attraction and at Interpoma.

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