Between a rock and a hard place due to energy prices

High energy costs are leading companies to an extreme situation regarding their financial feasibility
Adolfo García camposeven

Adolfo García, the Manager of Camposeven, dares to venture that if steps are not taken, “the more the farmers sell, the more they stand to lose.”

At present, high energy prices are affecting the smooth running of many companies. I imagine that this is also your case. What would your solution be to overcome this situation?

The increase in costs in all the processes of the food chain is incredibly worrying; I think that we could reach very concerning selling prices for food products that could be difficult for end consumers to assume. If these increases are not applied, this will destroy the farming industry. We could reach the circumstance that the more that they sell, the more they stand to lose.

In my opinion, the fact that a farmer has to invest his money in a business and there are two very important factors over which he has no control, ie, the selling price and the weather, is not taken into account. For this reason, considering that we produce food, I think that we should think about this matter very seriously.

Regarding energy, I am not a specialist on the subject, but I have heard the news about the steps being put into action by other EU countries and that would not be difficult to implant in Spain due to our natural resources, as well as other energy types that should be started up again, instead of thinking about dismantling them.

Are you noticing any reduction in ecological consumption in Europe? And in Spain, how is it behaving?

The consumption of ecological produce in Europe has its own market. I sincerely believe that it is increasing and in Spain I also think that the same trend will continue because it affects health and the environment, which are concerning increasingly important segments of the population.

Although the price is an obstacle, consumers are clear what this price difference is due to; they know how to value it and they pay for it. They are also aware that if this were not the case, ecological produce would not exist.

There are many companies that are opting for nuts due to their greater profitability (almonds and pistachios). I believe this is also your case. Could you give me some data on this?

Within our wide range of ecological and biodynamic products, for many years we have opted for nut, specifically, almonds. We don’t have large amounts, but they are in our range.

Of your entire portfolio, could you tell me which products are suffering from the highest rises or drops?

From the very beginning we have always opted for having an extensive portfolio. In fact, we have over 25 different products. Therefore, we offer our clients a variety, more than an amount and we try to adapt to their requests and so avoid speculation.

At present some international media sources are talking about the fact that this winter we could see empty supermarket shelves; that the society of food opulence has come to an end. What is your opinion about this information?

With the geopolitical events that are occurring at present, I think that anything could happen. I don’t think that it is likely there could be a food shortage in a country like Spain, which is a leader in the agrifood sector, but the worst thing of all is that we haven’t learnt from what happened during the pandemic years. We cannot depend on other countries. Europe and Spain specifically must look for their own food sovereignty. It is as if COVID hadn’t taught us anything at all.

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