A country of tomatoes

Syngenta is developing new varieties, paying attention to trends such as eco and functional characteristics

Alongside their commitment to quality and flavour, Syngenta is carrying out a very important job in the search for varieties adapted to ecological and zero waste farming methods, which require fertigation and different pest and disease control methods. “We are increasing the level of resistances, working on plant breeding to include TSWV, powdery mildew, passalora fulva… trying to respond to diseases of the aerial part of the plants that cause a decrease in production. We are looking to guarantee producers to be able to have some increasingly profitable crops,” Rafael Salinas, Head of Tomatoes at Syngenta in Spain and Portugal, commented during the seminar ‘A country of tomatoes’.

At the talk, the “true nightmare” caused by the tomato leafminer and how climate change is already affecting the sector were two of the subjects discussed. The new developments already in the works were also presented. “The next element will involve tomatoes with functionality and a nutritional value.” A variety that promises to be very important over the next few years is Yoom, purple in colour, with a very pleasant flavour and a high content of lycopene, vitamin C and anthocyanin.

They are about to introduce Tasmir, a loose tomato with a long shelf life that maintains the medium size, with a high percentage of commercial fruits, a balanced plant, recommended for grafting onto Kardia; and the plum tomato Ibai, launched during this last campaign, a very productive vine tomato for harvesting without the need of shears (saving manpower), adapted to short and long cycles.

Syngenta’s offer is very broad and very heterogeneous, with types for different areas and needs that are developed in the plant breeding centres of Almeria and Murcia. The following are worth mentioning: Patriarca, a very well known salad tomato; Sigfrid, a green tomato for late cycles with very good behaviour in cold weather; and the company’s grooved star, Dumas, with over a decade on the market due to its incredible appearance and flavour, high production and adaptability.

Hot off the presses, they have four varieties that they will present in the near future: a vine, a maxi-sized plum, a cherry and a grooved tomato.

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