Mítica F1 continues to rise

HM.CLAUSE’s courgette is experiencing a ‘magnificent’ commercial evolution thanks to its great quality, high productivity and behaviour in the fields

In its second commercial year, the courgette variety Mítica F1 continues to earn farmers’ trust and its sales are evolving at a very good rate. The introduction has been qualified as “magnificent” from sources at HM.CLAUSE. And everything is pointing towards the fact that this evolution will continue to rise, since its characteristics meet all the demands of the value chain. The open structure of the plant, with medium strength and short internodes and its resistance to powdery mildew (Px), Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus (ZYMV) and Watermelon Mosaic Virus (WMV), give it good vegetable health. And its great quality and high yield are bringing many benefits to the farmers. The fruit have an exceptional quality from the very first cuts (very straight, shiny and a very dark green colour), with their homogeneity standing out, all aspects that are well-suited for the commercial area and that encourage purchase by end consumers.

The variety, for middle cycle, is following in the wake of the leaders, Victoria F1 (the most productive) and Gloria F1 (the earliest and most compact), both for early cycles. The courgette portfolio is completed with Sinatra F1 and Musa F1, both for late cycles.

This year, HM.CLAUSE also has a new development for open air growing, particularly indicated for the production area of Zafarraya and Pantano de los Bermejales (Granada). This is Manureva (CLX 29040), a variety where the plant stands out due to its short internodes and open plant habit, which allow aeration, preventing vegetable health problems and helps with harvesting. With regard to resistances, it shows a very good behaviour against powdery mildew and viruses transmitted by aphids and it has resistances (IR) against: Px / CMV / WMV / ZYMV / PRSV.

The fruit stand out due to their homogeneous shape (cylindrical and shiny dark green in colour) and due to their long shelf-life. With this variety, HM.CLAUSE offers a complete range of courgettes for Almeria and Granada, maintaining their high quality standards.

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