A reduced offer of Andalusian potatoes for industrial use

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The Andalusian potato harvest is once again experiencing a reduction in surface area, which is even more obvious in potatoes for industrial use

The general decrease is estimated at around 6%, according to approximate data provided by the sale of Dutch seeds. This situation is a direct result of the water shortage that the Andalusian fields have suffered from, along with the increase in costs. “The farmers, seeing the situation, have opted for consumer potatoes, therefore the reduction is particularly affecting potatoes for industrial use,” two Andalusian operations affirm.

The Andalusian campaign, which is about to start, is particularly significant as it is the first region in Europe that has to mark the prices given to potatoes for industrial use. In the current economic circumstances, scenarios must be considered such as industrial operators opting for the remaining French potatoes that are still available in May and June, although in worse conditions, but that are much cheaper than the Andalusian ones that accumulate the rise in costs of the past eight months and which, obviously, are more expensive.”

The German market

In spite of the fact that over the past two years there have been buying incidents occurring in Germany, where some operators have not respected their purchase agreements, “the German market will have no shortage of Spanish potatoes, particularly the large chains that have always respected their programmes and consider the Andalusian producers as reliable suppliers. These programmes are guaranteed,” both operators comment.

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