A strong commitment to extra-early produce

Rama de ciruelas en el árbol

Tany Nature has become one of the main players in stone fruit throughout the entire campaign

Although it has been producing and marketing fruit from April onwards for several years now, for some time the company Tany Nature has strengthened its commitment to high quality extra-early crops, becoming very important in Andalusia. Huelva, under plastic, and Seville and Cordoba, with open air farms, add volumes to the production from Extremadura, allowing the company to provide sustainable quality from the very start, in April, to the end of the campaign, virtually reaching the Christmas period. In this way, it has become a benchmark player for serving the markets without clients having to change regions or suppliers.

The start of the campaign was forecasted for around the 12th of April with an estimate of 60,000 tonnes on 2,800 hectares. These are figures that mark stability compared to previous years. This year the “excellent quality of the fruit from the very start” should be emphasised. The weather has a great deal to do with this. “We have had a winter with low temperatures that have favoured the necessary number of cold hours and a warm spring, without any incidences in which the pollination has been extraordinary,” recalls José María Naranjo, Sales & Project Manager at Tany Nature. This starting point, along with the lack of rain that has prevented the appearance of diseases, has led to a “correct” production in terms of volume and “perfect with regard to organoleptic and physiological quality.” With that in mind, the stone fruit is marking the beginning of the summer campaign in superb conditions.

At Tany Nature they are not only producers, they also take care of packaging the produce and taking it to the supermarket shelves, which puts them in a strong position on the market. In order to be at the forefront, they base their work on four pillars: choosing the right variety, in the optimum area, with ideal handling and addressing each reference to the market to which it is aimed. Regarding the marketing, its strategy involves “knowing at all times what the market demands, and which are the trends.”

Specialists in stone fruit, with plums as their flagship, Tany complements its portfolio with persimmons, pomegranates, figs, green asparagus and Tango mandarins, this year’s new development. All its references follow the same principle: produce with excellent quality, which are sustainable, both environmentally (they cultivate with zero waste, obtaining highly flavoured fruit) and socially. “We recover land that could not be used before and we make it productive. We are committed to the recovery of rural areas, preventing depopulation and generating quality labour, adapting to any type of agreement from the very beginning. We are all in the same boat and we need to give consumers fruit that is friendly on all levels.”

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