AgriAlgae® improves fruit yield and quality

AlgaEnergy shows that its product, AgriAlgae®, is at the head of solutions in which companies can trust, using an independent survey

After a study lasting 90 days of treatment concentrated on melon crop farms, the ‘Instituto Madrileño de Investigación y Desarrollo Rural, Agrario y Alimentario –iMiDRA’, an independent institute attached to the Community of Madrid, has concluded that the results obtained with the AgriAlgae® product range are much better than with any other bio-stimulants regularly used in the sector. In this case, the product has been compared with other leading products on the market using animal-based amino acids and macro-algae.

The most significant data from iMiDRA’s study are the following: greater crop yield in kg, 23% above the second best result. Greater top quality production, even surpassing the increase in crop yield: 28.7% more top quality produce over the second option. Increase in the average produce weight: 4.17 kg compared to the 3.69 kg of its nearest rival. And an increase in the number of fruit by 14.7% compared to the produce obtained by the second best result in these statistics.

“The results are highly clarifying in themselves, but we were only quantifying the results,” Federico Witt, Production Manager at AlgaEnergy confirms. “We still had to verify the produce quality from the point of view of a future purchaser and, for this reason, iMiDRA included a blind tasting with 99 consumers in the study”.

“Once again, it was a revealing test”, Witt states. “The fruit treated with AgriAlgae® obtained an average score of 7.5 out of 10 compared to the 7.10 of those where no bio-stimulating product was applied, 6.60 (animal amino acids) and 6.40 (macro-algae). We have, therefore, a product that obtains not only excellent quantitative yields, but that also stands out in the qualitative area as well, generating extraordinary results in both fields.” This data may be extrapolated to all types of crops thanks to an extensive contributing network between the company and end users (independent farmers).

AlgaEnergy is taking advantage of its participation at Fruit Attraction 2017 to show these results to the sector, as well as those obtained in other field trials carried out in recent months. In this sense, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, General Manager of AlgaEnergy, points out that “these results are the confirmation of the many benefits to the crops that have previously been checked in the laboratory during almost ten years of product research and development.”

This is the third edition of Fruit Attraction where AlgaEnergy is present. This year the company has an outstanding space in hall 5 (stand 5D08).

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