Stet boosts its position

After acquiring the seed potato business line from KWS, Stet Holland is now ranked as the third seed company in Holland.

Peter Ton, general manager of Stet, comments that “KWS’ seed potato business fits in perfectly with Stet’s sales activity and the varieties of both companies complement each other. This new situation is going to allow us to create synergies, open up sales channels, increase our presence on the different markets and, more particularly, in specific processing segments. It is, without any doubt, an important boost for the company.”

Another of the solid pillars embodied by this acquisition is the strengthening of the activities carried out by the Metslawier research centre. From now on, the studies and trials will be carried out under the umbrella of the HZPC holding, of which Stet forms part. “Obviously we will all be strengthened since the new R&D+i technologies need very substantial economic resources and these technologies are essential to continue moving forward.”

The company from Alicante, Patatas Beltrán, which has been working with Stet since 1999, will continue being its main partner on the Spanish market.

Stet holds an extensive portfolio of varieties for all the segments, amongst which the following are worth mentioning: for washed, Vitalia, El Mundo and Gaudí; in the traditional sector, Safari, Everest and Tyson; in red varieties, Zina, Red and Camel; and, lastly, in French fry varieties, Triplo, Ariata, as well as SHC 1001 stand out. Also, Duch company has exclusivity agreements with the large chip companies as PepsiCo with the variety VR808.

Carina Beltrán, an executive from Patatas Beltrán, explains that “we all stand to gain, both the Dutch companies, which are perfectly structured, and our company, since it opens up an extraordinary range of possibilities. And we will be able to cover market segments where we had not been present in the past.”

And on this point, she explains that “it is very important for us to cover the three segments: fresh, French fries and processed, since the current trend involves a decrease in fresh consumption compared to the increase of potatoes for industry. And now we have been able to complete this line with some incredible varieties.”

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