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Amela®: the essence of La Palma

The sensory revolution of Tomate Amela®, nominated for the Innovation Award at Fruit Logística 2022

Cooperativa La Palma is leading innovation in foodstuffs with quality, empathetic and healthy farming methods, perfectly in line with the tastes of consumers, who are educated about sustainable development.

The benchmark company in cherry tomatoes, tomato specialities and mini-vegetables, is emphatically adapting to the new global situations, both current and future, merging knowledge, talent and new challenges. The result is a “Less is More” Agriculture, which forgoes anything unnecessary to reach excellence, attentive to the demand for healthy food, ready-to-eat food quality and consumer experience. Less water. More yield. Less waste. More productivity. Less CO2. More future.

Consumers want to try new things. They choose special vegetable lines that bring a differential experience in flavour, colour and shape: a morsel to surprise, to savour, to mix in cooking, to gift. Amela® meets all these expectations with its amazing sensory attributes. This tomato marks a new turning point in the successful business journey of Cooperativa La Palma, endorsed by almost 50 years of pioneer advances in farming and food. The latest launch by the company from Granada pays tribute to flavour with this intense, sublime tomato, which has an ideal balance between sweetness and acidity and that enjoys great prestige in Japan, where it leads the gourmet sector.

Amela® is a state, an experience, an emotion. Beautiful on the outside, unusual on the inside. At first sight, each piece has an attractive pinkish-red colour, a rounded shape and a medium size. The first taste causes fascination. A true explosion of flavour, strength and vitality, full of nutritional benefits that are much greater than those of other tomatoes: 25% more polyphenols, 25% more potassium and 100% more magnesium. Its careful, perfectionist and pioneer growing method, carried out by specialist farmers, merges age-old culture with La Palma’s specialisation. Its environmentally friendly nature guarantees maximum efficiency with both water and energy. The climate of the Costa de Granada and the water from Sierra Nevada enhance the attributes of this sophisticated “gem” that could be described as a “moment of happiness.”

This brand of quality and personality, born from the union of Japanese and Spanish cultures, is going from strength to strength in Europe. Its nomination for the FLI award acknowledges the effort made by this Cooperative, its 700 farmers, 1,200 workers and 4,000 families to continue consolidating their international position.

Cooperativa La Palma will share its innovations with the sector at Fruit Logística on stand 18C01.


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