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Anserlog: Complete traceability

24 Hour Warning system allows the location and exact temperature of the load to be known in real time.

The significant sensitivity of fruit to temperature changes is a determining factor when exporting. Particularly when the end destination is thousands of kilometres away, as occurs in the Chinese market. In order to arrive with suitable guarantees of quality, companies invest in logistic aspects that allow the cold chain to be maintained correctly and try to make the transport times as flexible as possible. But this last link is where real control is lost over the produce. And the fact is that the traceability used to end at the loading bay and was not taken up again until the destination was reached. Now this problem no longer exists, thanks to Anserlog’s innovative system for controlling the temperature and exact location of the shipment in real time using a 24 Hour Warning service. “Our greatest success lies in the fact that, as the shipment moves forward and goes through ports, canals… the exporter receives the information about the real condition of the goods and any possible problems that might arise can be resolved”, the manager, Alberto López, explains. “We have seen the case of detecting a fault in the cooling equipment of a container coming from Ecuador and that was on the way to Saint Petersburg. The customer was informed and the goods were stopped in Rotterdam to remove the spoiled fruit and load the rest onto another container.”

Amongst the advantages of this system is the possibility of using it on any means of transport (the measuring system travels inside the shipment); the fact that the measurement of the parameters is carried out independently (it is not subject to the interest of any of the parties); it allows the opening of the doors to be detected with an anti-break in system and also, its price is extremely competitive (€ 50/shipment).

Currently the company is involved in a new R&D project to develop systems that allow the internal temperature of fruit flesh to be measured using probes. If everything goes to plan, this new step will become a reality for the next edition of Fruit Attraction and marketing will start next campaign.

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