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ASF: the next challenge – apricots

This is the year when ASF is confirming both the experimental and the commercial varieties in the apricot category.

The company belonging to the Maillard family, AgroSelectionsFruits, has wide-reaching recognition for its peach and nectarine varieties, but it is still largely unknown for the important work it is carrying out to obtain new lines of apricot.

Following the same research conditions used for nectarines and peaches, the primary point for fruit selection continues to be the flavour, with a level of demand that could be qualified as “higher than that required by other plant breeders”. This exceptional flavour, common to all its varieties, is acknowledged and identified under the brand name REGAL’IN™, a multi-species family brand name, which is associated using co-branding and allows consumers a visual identification of this flavour.

The company’s new feature lies in its new proposal for apricots, within the REGALCOT® range, which provides producers with varieties that have an important visual and taste identity, homogeneous presentation and safety on an agronomic level.

All the varieties in the REGALCOT® range are self-fertilising, highly productive due to their size potential and above all, very rustic, resistant to all the pests and pathogens, such as Monilia fungus, little or not at all sensitive to crop rotation and particularly adapted to many production areas all over Europe, from Murcia and even reaching some regions of Switzerland.

The varieties in the REGALCOT® range that were started up in 2015, APRIREVEcov and APRINEWcov, have allowed the offer to be extended with the first variety from the start of the season and continued later with APRINEWcov.

APRIREVEcov corresponds to a standard flowering variety and with ripening around the 20th of May in Southern Europe. It is a two-coloured variety, very luminous and with great flavour, which has over 16 brix degrees.

Commercially it is very interesting for companies exporting to the Northern European markets, where its presence may be strengthened.

APRINEWcov is a late flowering variety which ripens around the 5th of July in Northern Spain. Its colour, its high production potential, as well as its flavour and aroma show this variety as an alternative to the varieties already on the market. Its good post-harvest conservation turn it into a fruit that is suitable for the more distant markets such as the Middle East. This fruit also has a high sugar rate.

After these two varieties, the ambitious hybrid programme where there are thousands of hybrids under observation, allows the company to predict that in a few years’ time there will be a wide range of apricots in the ultra-early and ultra-late segment. This programme is being carried out in the town of Perpignan, where the breeders invite those interested to try these new achievements.

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