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Average prices 30% higher


Procam is valuing the campaign as “positive”, in spite of the ups and downs in prices between winter and spring

In general, 2016/17 will be a good campaign for the ecological sector. This has been confirmed by the manager of Bio Procam, Fernando Martín, whose company foresees ending the year with 10 million kilos marketed and some average prices between 20% and 30% higher than the previous year. And in spite of the fact that the prices plummeted in the spring, the balance was achieved with the winter campaign, which was “weak” in volume and very good in prices, Martín explains. The cooperative from Granada has 250 hectares of subtropical fruits (mainly Hass type avocados) and 80 hectares of covered crops (mainly cucumber, followed by tomatoes and others). Additionally, the company continues to extend its offer with new products such as French cucumbers, aubergines and courgettes, which it has recently started to market, as well as pumpkins and sweet potatoes, references that were implemented three years ago. “We have 10 hectares of pumpkins. It is an economic crop and easy to handle,” the manager explains. In spite of the fact that the production dates coincide with those of France or Germany, being able to store the produce for several months allows room for manoeuvre to obtain better prices.

Amongst the new developments taken on by the company this year are the restoration of the façade of the company’s head offices in Motril, on which the company’s new logo now can be seen, launched a year and a half ago; the start up of a new 700 m2 warehouse for produce collection in the region of Níjar (Almeria) and the incorporation of another 7 associates in the same province, making a total of 60 associates belonging to Bio Procam.

In recent times the number of farmers and companies opting for growing ecological fruit and vegetables has increased, a rising trend that could threaten the profitability of the sector, since “the increase in the offer is ahead of the increase in demand,” the manager affirms.

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