Axarfruit, in a festive mood

They are already working in their new installations, which will be 100% operational at the end of the year

The company from Malaga Axarfruit is in a festive mood. A few months ago its team moved to new premises in La Viñuela (Malaga). These include 10,000 square metres of installations that will allow the company to increase its volumes and business lines and make its operations more streamlined, as they are closer to the main transport routes.

The premises, in which the machinery installations are being finished now, will be 100% operational at the end of this year and they include offices, a warehouse for receiving and handling fresh produce and a white room where the products in its new processed line will be prepared. “We are going to start with guacamole, both conventional and ecological. We plan to conclude the recipe development before the end of the year,” the manager, Álvaro Martínez explains. Regarding this new product he only reveals that they are committed to flavour as a differentiating factor, compared to other products that are already on the market.

In 2021, 30% more

In this 2021 campaign, Axarfruit will close its progress report with results that exceed their initial expectations, with over 20 million kilos of the different references with which they work (avocados, mangos, lemons, ginger and turmeric). A rising evolution (+30% volume compared to the previous year), caused by the extension of the business lines and an increase in imports. “The demand for tropical fruit isn’t stopping and the sector continues planting and producing, but we must carry on applying pressure to receive water,” the manager of Axarfruit comments. On this point, regarding water, Álvaro Martínez defends the good work carried out by the tropical fruit sector (in relation to recent criticism of the sector).

“Many people are not aware of everything surrounding an avocado. It is a product that provides work for many people, from nurseries to auxiliary industries, producers…”

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