“There is no avocado lobby to defend us”


Trops spotlights the profitability of avocados compared to other products and criticises the fact that it is being stigmatised due to the “water myth”

As with any other product, foodstuff or not, avocados need water for their production. Specifically, around 5,500-6,000 m3/ha, or in other words, around 600 l/kg. A figure that is often used as a weapon to “stigmatise” the sector, but this “myth” is put into question when comparing it with the 15,000 l that are needed to produce a kg of beef or the 9,000 l for producing some dried fruits. According to Enrique Colilles, Manager of Trops, the spotlight must be put on its profitability. “In some aspects, the agricultural sector is not evolving. Investment must be made in more profitable crops, and this includes avocados. Every year its sale price is above the cost price, it has a positive profitability that other products do not have.” And he gives another figure: 1 ha of avocados generates 10,000€, virtually the equivalent to a wage. But making all this information known is not easy when faced with so much misinformation. “There is no lobby to defend the interests of avocados on an institutional level.”

The company, the European leader in mango and avocado production with over 40% of the avocado production on the Iberian Mainland, is investing in the improvement of all kinds of systems to make its activity as sustainable and efficient as possible. Proof of this is the certification granted by Aenor for the implementation of a Sustainability Strategy and its contribution to the SDGs (it is the first Spanish food company to obtain this); and another clear example is the 15 million € investment that it has made over the past two years in its installations for handling the produce. Added to this is the fact that it joined the Green Motion Platform by Eurosemillas and the University of California Riverside (UCR) last March to carry out trials on varieties and rootstock, aimed at creating a more diversified and sustainable market.

In the 2021/2022 campaign, Trops foresees increasing its mango and avocado production by around 30% each. Spanish production will exceed 40 million kg, after taking over the company from Granada, Hercofrut and the integral partnership agreement for the production and marketing of avocados signed with the Valencian company Ruchey, to which the imports by its associates, mainly in Peru and Chile, will be added. Currently, Trops has over 3,000 avocado producers and it has 8 operating centres: 3 in Malaga, 3 in Granada (the last one in Motril opened its doors in April), one in Valencia and another in the Algarve (Portugal).

Brand and experience

Through its campaigns ‘The mangoiest Mango’ and ‘The best avocado in avocado history’ on the two leading business groups on Spanish television, Mediaset España and Atresmedia Televisión, it will inform about the excellent properties of its products, subjected to exhaustive controls from the tree to the point of sale to guarantee maximum quality. “We believe that the key is to guarantee a good eating experience. We invest in training farmers and in industrial processes to ensure that everything makes the brand Trops synonymous with guarantee of flavour. We work to make sure the clients are happy.” From March onwards they will develop a promotional campaign with masks and commercials on the Canal Cocina.

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