Guacamole with spirulina, the new development from Bonnysa


Consumers are taking on new routes when selecting the products they buy with the top priority being that they are 100% fresh and natural and compared to other options, they will opt for products that provide a bonus, with flavour always being the main input.

With this premise, Bonnysa has developed a new product line and it is incorporating a new recipe to its complete range of guacamole that has spirulina amongst its ingredients, which brings together all the flavour of fresh guacamole to the nutritional properties of spirulina, under the concept of “enjoy looking after yourself”.

Spirulina is an alga that has many nutritional properties, and it is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and natural antioxidants.

Today, it is considered to be a super food and recent studies show that it improves the metabolism of fats and glucose, helping to regulate cholesterol and sugar levels in the organism. Additionally, more in depth studies are being carried on its properties and it could also have a beneficial effect on the heart and on the immune system as it is an exceptional probiotic.

Bonnysa’s guacamole range is made up of original fresh guacamole, from a recipe by the chef Gabriel Hernández; 99% spreadable avocado paste and guacamole Vita+ with spirulina, making it into one of the companies with the widest range of guacamoles in the sector in the European Union.

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