Bargosa: new product and business lines

Eduardo Córdoba, general manager of Bargosa, explained to Fruit Today the point the company has reached

Bargosa has strengthened its business fundamentals with a reinforcement of its business structure, its penetration in new channels and the extension of its range.

Which of the proposals made by you has become reality after just over 2 years at the head of the company? How will the year close?

Fortunately, most of the goals I proposed are being met. Strengthening the business structure by diversifying and extending our range of products, renewal and improvement of the installations and very importantly, extending the wholesale and export channel…, thus allowing us to obtain an improved commercial balance in all aspects, in this way giving increasingly better returns to our suppliers. And we are becoming more and more visible. The company plans to close the financial year with 200 million kilos and 180 millions in invoicing.

Your company is clearly committed to the wholesale markets. What are the latest movements?

Without any doubt the most important movement we have had over the past year was the opening of the new installations in Mercovasa by Bargosa Frutas Albiach. They have turned into some spectacular premises.

From significant importer to exporter, what has this new activity brought with it?

Balance… A proportionate distribution between the different marketing channels is essential to be able to react correctly to the market fluctuations. Not only because it generates profits for our company, but also because it is our duty to look after our suppliers. This is one of our main non-negotiable principles: obtaining a fair return for the work performed by our suppliers. This is the reason we have a history of over 60 years.

The banana is without any doubt one of the company’s mainstays. What has the last campaign been like?

Historically, we have always been banana-growers and we are very proud of this. We have also been at the forefront in innovation. We were the first company to put bags in the boxes; the first to make a box of 9kg of bunches in a blanket and we continue to innovate. At present we are preparing a new taped format that should be used to respond to the new demands: reducing wastage, reducing food waste and reducing the carbon footprint.

Please could you explain your most recently incorporated categories or new alliances?

Naturally, bananas, plantains, pineapples and melons continue to make up our core business. However, it is true that we are increasingly incorporating a wider range of products. Perhaps the most significant – due to its groundbreaking nature in the history of the company, is the line of green-leafed produce that we are developing, although we are also incorporating a new strength in avocados, kiwis and tropical fruits.

We believe in the quality of this origin. For this campaign, we have started up an agreement with the main supplier of kiwis in Greece to market its production in Spain.

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