Bargosa strengthens its foundations

Eduardo Córdoba arrived a year ago to direct the company Bargosa, one of the sector’s “top five”.

Since then, and backed by good figures, the company has strengthened its foundations on the different channels. Fruit Today euromagazine talked to him about the strategic changes made and the actions that will be taken in the future.

Bargosa has always been a consolidated company that has experienced some media ostracism, not in line with its potential. What new strategic lines has your arrival brought with it?

It is true. Our turnover and invoicing position us as one of the top companies, specifically, the second in the ranking. However, our policy has always been very discreet, without any exhibitionism. My arrival a year ago, along with the great work and know-how of the team at Bargosa, have meant an increase in diversification of customers and produce portfolio, a higher penetration share on the wholesale markets and a wide range open to export lines through Europe and Asia. All of this, solely aimed at preventing the normal peaks and troughs that occur during the different months of the year. And of course, I believe that the times have changed and we must join the world of communications and social networks.

Are the wholesale markets that important?

Yes, of course they are. We believe that we must be present not only commercially, but also physically. In fact, we have just opened Bargosa Valencia at Mercovasa and we have also modernized our offices in Alicante to promote the important Mediterranean Arc. This channel is very important and we continue maintaining contact at other geographical points to close transactions. We have also acquired the signs of the company Fresa in Barcelona and Zaragoza, which now forms an integral part of the company. And in the near future, we will start up some refurbishment work in Barcelona.

Do you have a mathematical record of the results since your arrival?

To date, and from January to May we have grown by around 3 million kilos and 2 million in invoicing compared to last year, in a campaign that has not been easy for some imports.

Portugal has always been an important market place for the company. Have you made any changes?

There is a new team, directed by a manager who is focused on the retail sector, where we had a significant shortage. In fact, Portugal is showing some very good results and virtually 50% of our growth figures are due to this market place. In order to strengthen our presence, we are going to build 5 new ripening rooms for plantains with an investment of 300,000 euros.

Export is a new channel being explored by Bargosa, what results is it giving?

Thanks to our direct sourcing in different places all over the world, export was a channel that we had to take on, particularly in the categories where we are strong and very particularly for plantains and melons.

The results have been surprising. In plantains we reached 25 containers per week. In melons, we are pushing back the boundaries in France, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Asia. Pineapples are moving at a rhythm that is slower, but surer. The results of this new channel are reaching 5 million euros this year, starting from zero.

With regard to the company’s traditional categories, have there been any changes? And in the brand names?

The banana-plantain twosome is a basic category at Bargosa which has given us an important penetration rate in the retailers. We receive around 50 million kilos of Canary bananas from our associate Europlátano and our production curve is very well positioned with the sale demand.

Although we are well-known for our melon imports, the truth is that we work with melons 52 weeks a year, which means that we have ad hoc professionals in the different Spanish production regions.

Regarding pineapples, in addition to the ones we traditionally have worked with under our brand name Florencia, we are panellists for Del Monte and we now have a special interest in distributing the yellow pineapple, SuperSweet, a category with a high level of acceptance.

We are revaluing our own brand name, Solen, therefore many of our imports are prepared and valued to be distributed.

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