Bilberry packaging lines from Huelva to Saudi Arabia

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Innovation and service are key brand values in the internationalisation strategy of INDUSER®

Even when new technologies break in and there are ways of foreseeing user behaviour, there is no better marketing campaign than the recommendation of a client as a response to a good brand experience. This is what INDUSER offers. It helps professionals from the fruit and vegetable sector by designing and manufacturing packaging solutions.

Innovation and constant development go hand in hand. The SME from Almeria has managed to have its machinery operating in three of the largest bilberry producers in the Huelva region in 2021: Hortifrut, Royal and Cartayfres. Each of these projects has been designed to offer yield in the demanding campaign months and guaranteeing that the production is accurate.

The years of experience have meant that the automated lines for bilberries have been refined. Regarding the machinery, the produce elevators have modular bands; the circular weighing machines are made in stainless steel to guarantee long life; the chain conveyors are adapted to multi-formats and new cardboard packaging; and the programming software has been adapted for a simple, intuitive use.

Although bilberries, cherry tomatoes and cherries have been the three products that helped Induser grow in projects, work and confidence, over the past year the company has opted for the diversification of machinery to adapt to other products such as stone fruit, apples, mandarins, peppers, lettuce and fresh cut produce.

Working locally has strengthened the company to continue with the expansion strategy towards new markets and trade relations. Induser has exported its solutions to Peru, Mexico, Japan, France and it is now the turn of Saudi Arabia, with a weighing and packaging line for lettuces and fresh cut produce with a production of 60 bags/minute.

Induser will be present at the next live edition of Fruit Attraction to celebrate the commitment to continue being a proud company from Almeria that designs, manufactures and installs quality products with the backing of a continuously growing professional team.

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