Bio Campojoyma is on the rise

It will extend its surface area by over 40 hectares of peppers, mainly in Murcia, to close the cycle, all year round

The boom in consumption of ecological produce is encouraging specialised companies to grow. This is the case of a company from Almeria, Bio Campojoyma, which will add between 40 and 45 hectares in the next campaign, 2017/18, for use with its star product, the pepper. Most of them, around 30 hectares, will be located on a new greenhouse farm that is already being built in Murcia, and the remainder will be in Almeria. In this way, they will be able to close the 12 month pepper cycle with “sufficient volume” to supply their customers. Along with the farm, they plan to build some installations of around 3,000 m², which will be ready before the end of the year.

Another of the new developments for the next campaign is the 25-hectare enlargement for biodynamic fruit and vegetable production. A niche segment that is “becoming more and more interesting,” which already represents almost 20% of the total surface area and that will continue to increase, as they have farms that are in the process of being reconverted.

In figures

Currently, the company’s 265 hectares have allowed it to end 2016/17 with a good business balance: 40 million euros in invoicing and almost 36 million kilos, including all the produce they offer. Their star product is the California pepper, which together with the Ramiro type and, to a lesser extent, the Sweet Bite (which grows slowly, but surely), and the spicy pepper, make up around 8.5 million kg, and they represent 25% of the company’s total fruit and vegetable production. Its catalogue includes cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and Chinese cabbage. This last crop, unusual in the Nijar area, where the company is located, is characterised by its good resistance to the cold and it is very popular in Germany (main consumer), as well as in France and the Nordic countries. During this campaign, 2 million pieces have been produced from December to April, and the company is not ruling out continuing to expand the volumes if the demand increases.

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