Biosabor’s huge eco investment

The company from Almeria has made a huge investment in its premises, which has positioned it as one of the most important players in the ecological category.

With a total of 5 million euros, the new installations take up a plot of 45,000 m², of which 10,200 m² are buildings. The central building covers around 5,200 m²; the materials supply area occupies 2,500 m² and the rest is used for offices.

In line with the company’s ideals, the building’s energy efficiency was very thoroughly studied. “In our respect for natural resources, the building’s projection was a key point where all the most sustainable proposals regarding light and temperature were studied, as they evidently affect the workers’ well-being.”

Biosabor has a staff of 600 workers, of which 220 take care of the packaging line and the rest are farm workers on the company’s farms.

In the last financial year the company’s invoicing volume reached 30 million euros, and tomatoes in all their different shapes and sizes are the main reference point in its portfolio. It also works with watermelons, cucumbers, courgettes and peppers in smaller amounts. And the main destinations are the German distribution chains.

This family-run company has 180 hectares of own production land. Its most recently acquired farm is Retamar, with 30 hectares, equipped with state-of-the-art technology in ecological production.

Biosabor also offers an industrialised eco line, which is related to its main product, the tomato. Gazpacho, salmorejo and tomato juices are some of these products.

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