Clemcott, quality is important.

With just two months before the Clemcott season ends, the brand is still going strong on the European markets.

Clemcott is a late mandarin, present on the markets from January to April and it is the only mandarin with certified quality, guaranteed by its Black label, present on the secondary packaging.

This citrus fruit season of 2016-2017 has in general recorded small-sized fruit in virtually all the varieties of mandarins and clementines. However, the Clemcott campaign remains stable, guaranteeing Extra Category or Category I in all its fruit. This allows the markets to continue guaranteeing a fruit that suits consumers’ tastes.

Good agricultural practices such as thinning or tree mating systems respectively allow optimum sizes to be guaranteed and cross-pollination to be prevented.

This season, the agricultural business is very satisfied with the Clemcott results and the fact is that this brand has become consolidated on the market, guaranteeing stable, homogeneous fruit through selection and certification.

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