Control Tower, an original solution to the transport problem

Anserlog implements customised applications so that large companies can consult the temperature and geo-location of their shipments in real time.

At just a glance, simply and efficiently, the person in charge of logistics/QA from a large fruit and vegetable growing company can find out the temperature and the exact position anywhere in the world of any of the fifty shipments under his control, in addition to other interesting aspects such as opening of doors and the break-in protection system. Although it might seem futuristic, this is the new working method that is being adopted by an increasing number of companies, set up by Anserlog and its new tool, Control Tower, which allows direct, fast access to information about the shipments, classified by categories and always with the information in real time. This application means another step forward in its 24 hour Warning System, the “only” one that provides this type of information “in itinere” (as opposed to other similar services, which do this only when the shipment arrives at its destination).

Amongst the next challenges on the company’s list lies the measuring of the internal temperature of the produce using sensors, along with parameters as important as relative humidity and ethylene, aspects that influence the quality and the shelf-life of the fruit and vegetables. This has been advanced by the manager of Anserlog, Alberto López, who explains that “these new advances will be possible after the purchase of Locus Traxx, the company that develops the sensors we work with, by the multinational Emerson, the leader in temperature control in permanent installations”.

Although the company from Almeria has a very short track record (it was established just a year ago), its evolution has been both fast and successful. Amongst its clients are producers and marketers such as Edeka, Unica Group, Sanlucar, Anecoop, Vicasol, Cuna de Platero… and transport companies of the standing of El Mosca and J. Carrión, making 30% of its invoicing. At both ends of the food chain temperature control of the produce is essential to ensure top quality and food safety on reaching the destination and in the case of the transporters, being able to rely on exhaustive load tracking means a guarantee and an extra bonus in confidence for their clients.

Companies from South Africa, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany and Sweden have already placed their trust in Anserlog’s services. 15% of the company’s market share is abroad and it intends to continue internationalising its services in Morocco and other potential countries such as Italy.

“Our differentiating point is our computing development, through personalised platforms adapted to each client’s specific requirements”, López points out. Along with this, they offer the total integration of the data with the ERPagro system by Hispatec for complete traceability of the produce.

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