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Femago: unstoppable after its restructuring

The changes started by the Femago Group, including an intense refurbishment process to face up to future challenges, have begun to give results. Therefore, in this campaign they expect to add another 15% of volume to the 150 million kilos per year that they are marketing at the moment and increase their invoicing results, which are over 150 million euros/year. Part of this success is due to the investment in machinery that has been made to optimise the processes, one of the foundations of its business modernisation. The latest action in this area is the automation of the cucumber line and, previously, improvements have been made to the Agrocastell cherry tomato line, where an important growth in volume is expected.

Within the strategic plan, the changes have also reached the group’s installations with the incorporation of new centres and the restoration of some of the original ones. The most important one was the centre on La Redonda Business Park, with Femago’s old premises being used as the vegetable auction area. Amongst the previously developed actions, the renewal of the board of directors stands out, with the appointment of two managing directors, Begoña Góngora and Pablo Maleno, who are at the helm of the group, representing the third generation of the founders of Femago. In addition, the Go Veg&Fruit brand was launched, the first brand in common for the whole group, with which their best fruit and vegetables are marketed; and the traditional brand, Angora, was renewed.

The next thing we will see is a chocolate-coloured Raf tomato from the seed company HM Clause, which is already being marketed exclusively along with three other companies and cardboard boxes have started being introduced in the auctions to make the marketing process more flexible. Also, this season the company is entering the ecological segment with its brand, Víaverde, with forecasts of reaching 5 million kilos over the next four years.

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