Ecoculture obtains 50% more avocado setting

The anti-stress solutions by the company specialised in vegetable physiology are acting in a decisive way on the Spanish Mediterranean coastal region crops

In the spring, the avocado crops from the Spanish Mediterranean coastal region enter their decisive phase to reach improved setting and reduced dropping of fruit (one of the important problems due to avocado stress). During this time, the fattening phase, Ecoculture Biosciences’ technology, and specifically, its vegetable anti-stress solutions, CalFlux and XStress offer results of almost 50% more set fruits and reduced dropping of fruit.

The Ecoculture Biosciences programme for avocados seeks to increase the harvest through a greater understanding of the growth and of how this is affected by different environmental factors. The company recommends applying CalFlux at the end of the flowering phase and the start of the setting phase, acting as a fixer for the small fruit in the panicle. In this way, a higher success rate is achieved, with fruit that are better developed, weighing more and with a lower rate of physiological disorders, diseases and dehydration in later phases. Thanks to its acid pH, it may be applied mixed with most plant protection and foliar fertiliser products.

CalFlux improves the structure of the cell wall, the size, quality, homogeneity and colour of the fruit and its efficiency in adverse environmental conditions has been proven, such as for example, extreme temperatures, excess or lack of water, poor or excessive light conditions or salinity, factors that generally lead to the loss of flowers and fruit.

Along with CalFlux, XStress should be added in this second application to promote the effect of permanence of the fruit in the panicle. This powerful anti-stress technology considerably reduces the abortion of fruit in the initial setting phase.

Subsequently, it is advisable to carry out other applications regularly from budding in order to reduce the effects of environmental stress, along with two more applications before the harvest, to improve the post-harvest process.

XStress from Ecoculture moderates the response of the plants to environmental stress, resulting in a healthier plant with a higher yield than that foreseen in these conditions, thanks to the latest advances in nutritional technology.

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