El Ciruelo continues to grow

At Fruit Attraction, it will present to its clients its acquired potential after purchasing Labrunier and its subsidiaries

This year, the company will come to the International Fruit and Vegetable Sector Trade Fair to formally introduce one of the greatest milestones in its history: the acquisition of the leading group in grape production, export and sale on the domestic Brazilian market, Labrunier, as well as its international marketing company, Bravis and its subsidiaries (in total, five companies in Brazil and Holland, including producers and marketers), which they will jointly display in Madrid. An operation that brings it, as a family-run company with private capital, within the world sphere with 200 million euros in invoicing, 7,000 employees and a continuous supply 12 months of the year with 80,000 tonnes of grapes (over 95% seedless), from both hemispheres, a volume that will reach 100,000 t in grapes and 50,000 in stone fruit over the next 5 years.

José Velasco, CEO of El Ciruelo, explained to Fruit Today that this acquisition will allow them “to have a more global view of what is happening on the world grape map, reaching new markets and promoting an important access to the United States.”

From 2020, El Ciruelo will take charge of the conglomerate’s operations, coordinating all the management from Spain, although in principle both brands will be maintained, depending on their weight on each market.

And talking of markets, this year El Ciruelo has started operating on the attractive Vietnamese and Chinese markets, although “the official authorisation came too late,” therefore in this first year the volumes will be small, with a conspicuous increase next year.

The effects of the DANA (Isolated depression at high levels)

The ‘cold drop’ storm that devastated a large part of Spain in September also affected El Ciruelo’s production, although with less significant damage than in other regions. “It is obvious that when it rains, we all get wet. In some regions, we have had problems with grape varieties that were at the end of their season, although the late varieties are in perfect condition, ready for the campaign’s home stretch in October and November.”

However, the company has good expectations for the campaign and this year it will see the added value of having its own production of its grape Moments by Ciruelo 12 months of the year. You can visit the company’s spaces in Hall 7, 7B04A.


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