“Ethics and ecology are the future”

New operating models are being imposed in a globalised world, where economic results are linked to more ethical parameters with people and the environment.

And in this respect, the company from Murcia Camposeven has been a visionary and ahead of its time. With good reason, corporate social responsibility and biodynamic farming have become the company’s cornerstones.

As a company that is clearly oriented towards the future, the firm from San Pedro del Pinatar has spent many years placing value on important social actions with which it impregnates its own business. “Ethical business is what moves us”, Adolfo García, general manager of the company, explains.

An example of this is the ‘Fundación Ingenio’, created three years ago and which, with backing from the Gesplan Group at the University of Madrid, is responsible for a group of Aymara women from Lake Titicaca having been able to change their lives by becoming businesswomen, weaving using baby alpaca wool, adapting their designs to European tastes.

“Within the framework of the agreement, we continue taking new steps forward and promoting the association, to which Jera Avanza (special employment centre), Interempleo (Temping Agency), S.A.T. “Los Ritas” (a cut flower company), Residencia Villademar (an old people’s home) and Biocampo (a pioneer in ecological and biodynamic farming) all belong.

Parallel to this, Camposeven has taken part in the Response Biotech Plan, with the creation of a research company. The projects that are being carried out are closely linked to research in ecological agriculture. “Our ultimate goal is to help start-ups and group together proposals through relational capital, respecting a business model based on ethics in human relations,” the executive qualifies.

New stage. Through a three-year long Strategic Plan, Camposeven is facing up to a new work stage designed to discover its current strengths and weaknesses and dealing with the future with confidence.

“We are true believers and supply, free of charge, ecological fruit and vegetables to several entities, an old people’s home and a school for students linked to the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM).”

“We are fervent supporters of a lifestyle that is more aligned with Nature and therefore, our next step, on a corporate level, is to inform and communicate what we are really doing,” the executive adds.

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