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HM.CLAUSE, new premium cherry tomatoes

Astuto, Saborini, Dolcetini and Flavoriti bring together key aspects for the chain, such as flavour, good yield and post-harvest conditions

Astuto is a great quality, homogeneous, round, cherry tomato that stands out due to its post-harvest conditions. It has a high yield both in winter and summer crops and it offers an important resistance package.

Saborini, the most recent variety, is a loose cherry tomato indicated for long cycles, with an important size homogeneity that remains between 25-30 mm, ideal for premium export markets. Its plant, with medium internodes, has a good balance between vigour and fruit bearing. The fruit are an attractive deep red colour and they have an excellent post-harvest, as well as a high brix degree content and a crunchy texture.

Regarding Dolcetini, the flavour of its fruit and the balance between the sugar levels and the acidity are worth mentioning. It has a high resistance to cracking and a great yield throughout the year, as well as being easy to handle.

The pear cherry tomato Flavoriti completes the range, from a vigorous plant with medium internodes, which is adapted to long cycles. Its fruit are deep red and shiny. They are uniform in size, with a good consistency and a very good conservation, in addition to an excellent flavour and a high sugar level throughout the campaign.

Alongside these varieties, HM.CLAUSE has a final new development, CLX 37935, a RAF tomato with an eye-catching chocolate colour that differentiates it from the other varieties of its typology. It also stands out due to its great appearance, its high level of Brix degrees and its crunchy texture, which make it into a gourmet product. Another of its strong points is its post-harvest, which gives it export potential. “At present it is in a prelaunch phase. Harvesting was started at the end of November and it is being very well received thanks to its excellent results”, Manuel Ruiz, the Development and Promotion Coordinator explains. To control the quality a regulated production has been chosen which will be carried by CASI and Agrupalmería, Granada La Palma and Biosabor for the ecological segment. In addition, each tomato will have a sticker with the stamp ‘A unique tomato’.

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