Finalists for the ‘Estrellas de Internet’ Awards

As tradition demands, although this had to be changed last year due to the healthcare situation, the ‘Estrellas de Internet’ will be awarded on the central day of Fruit Attraction, on Wednesday, the 6th at 5.30 pm on Proexport’s stand (7E03).

But prior to this, the ‘Estrellas’ will be on our own stand (7F00) in case you would like to come and see them or take a photo with them and upload it to your social media.

At this 2021 edition, the finalists are:

  • Best Online Company: Sandía Fashion, Uvas Doce, El Dulze, Frutas Bruñó, Looije and Sakata.
  • + Social Web Site: 5 al Día, Sandía Fashion, Uvas Doce, El Dulze, Ellas son de Aquí; and Brócoli Pasión.
  • Best Online Campaign: #Somosunosfrescos, by Campo de Lorca; Revolución Saludable, by Agromediterránea; The Real Sweet Onion, by Jumosol; #Soyfandeti, by +brócoli; EnvyTalks, by Envy; and ODS by Fruits de Ponent.
  • Best Blog: Brócoli Cricket, Trops, Frutas Bruñó, Envy, Sakata, and Agromediterránea.
  • Best Instagram: Mimaflor, Enza Zaden, +brócoli, Envy, Campal, and Marfruit.
  • Best Youtube: Sandía Fashion, Frutaria, Frutas Bruñó, Novagric, Envy, and Livinda.
  • Best e-commerce: WorkProtect, Thader Cieza, Trops, Frutas Eloy, and Manzana de Soria.
  • Best Facebook: Brócoli Cricket, Mimaflor, Frutas Olivar, Frutas Bruñó, Frutas Eloy, and El Dulze.
  • Best #twitter: Alcachofa de España, Frutas Olivar, Frutas Bruñó, Fedemco, and Uvas Doce.

The jury, who will decide on the winners for each category, is formed by:

  • Miguel Florido, Manager of the Marketing and Web School. Professor, speaker and writer.
  • Rosana Cervera, Secretary General of APAE (Association of Spanish Agrifood Journalists).
  • José Antonio Sánchez, the founding member of the Marketing Club of Almeria.

As occurs every year, the ‘Estrellas de Internet’ are sponsored by Euro Pool System and Proexport and they rely on the collaboration of Fepex and Ifema.

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