CPR Iberia: “We have come to Spain to simplify”


The Italian company CPR System, a leader in its country, has reached Spain to simplify and streamline the pooling system

Fruit Today euromagazine talked to Manuel Montero, CEO in Spain, who explained the future evolution of CPR on this market.

When did the company arrive on the Iberian Mainland? Where are the logistics and washing centres located?

CPR has been present on the Spanish market since April, 2021, but it has been operating in Italy for over 25 years. It uses a cooperative business model which, over these 25 years, has placed itself very close to the distribution, making the systems easy and simple.

Our logistics and washing centre is located in Vicálvaro, close to Mercamadrid, where we have installed washing technology with a capacity of over 25 million boxes per year. This centre will be our model to follow for future openings.

How does CPR stand out from other European pooling systems?

On the returnable packaging circuits, CPR seeks to operate in a simpler way, bringing efficiency, simplicity and as an end result, greater economy for its users. Amongst its fundamental goals, offering specific solutions that are adapted to the needs of all the members of the supply chain stands out.

Do you think that there is a space for a new operator on the Spanish market?

Yes, of course. There is a space for an operator with a different mentality, who helps to carry out transactions in a more simplified, effective and fast way, and therefore, helping both the producers and the distributors.

The idea behind our launch is not to be the largest, but to be the best, from a streamlined, decisive operational point of view.

What percentage do fruit and vegetables represent?

Around 60% corresponds to fruit and vegetables, 30% to meat and 10% to the fish sector.

I believe that CPR has made a significant commitment to energy saving in all its processes, both in electricity and in water. Can you explain what these consist of?

Being as sustainable as possible is in our DNA. All the washing processes are carried out using recycled, treated water, which returns to the circuit again. The energy systems are based on renewable energies using solar panels. We understand sustainability from all points of view, including the recovery of containers that are partially or entirely broken, which are always reused to create new ones and lengthen their life cycle.

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