Frutaria is expanding its citrus fruit range

With an important potential in the mandarin segment, Frutaria is starting off this campaign with a strong commitment to the production and marketing of oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

The orange productions in the Vega del Guadalquivir, which are about to enter the commercial phase, expect to equal, if not exceed, in volume the traditional mandarin offer. “Our forecast is to reach 14 million kilos in oranges and have around 12 million in the mandarin group”, Alfonso Rivera, the company’s general sales manager states.

Regarding the season’s development, the executive has an optimistic view since “owing to the important drop in supply, the market will be dynamic, although we must be cautious, concerning the ripeness rates and following correct harvesting patterns. We must be aware that if there are many complaints about a variety on the market, the source is blocked and the brand country is weakened.”

On this same point Rivera sees no concern regarding produce scarcity. “I do not believe that under any circumstances there will be a produce shortfall and for this reason we are entering into competition with other sources”.

In late mandarin varieties, the strong positioning of its Clemenmiel brand on the Spanish market is worth mentioning. Clemenmiel is a symbol for excellently flavoured late, pip-free, easy to peel mandarins. The best batches of Gold Nugget are marketed under the Clemenmiel brand name and the company has not ruled out including other varieties such as Tango, of which it will produce over 1,000 tonnes this year.

Another of the important developments is the sweet grapefruit with all the different red coloured skin and flesh varieties. “Our new plantations encourage this type of attribute, which consumers like and obviously, are starting to value because the fruit contains many antioxidant elements.”

Along the same lines, and within the red fleshed fruits, the Sanguinelli orange stands out, strengthening the interest the company currently has in antioxidants.

80% of the company’s overall production is aimed at exports and on the home market it works with two leaders in distribution and to a lesser extent, with the wholesale market.

In this order, stone, citrus, pip and grapes are the main fruits marketed by the company.

As a valuation of the recently concluded stone fruit campaign, the executive explains that “for both cherries and apricots the season had some good results, which were joined by the results for white peaches and extra early yellow peaches. And regarding nectarines and peaches, the first part of the campaign was very positive, with some complications from the middle of July until August, but with a good increase at the end of campaign in September.”

As regards seedless grapes, the group in immersed in an important variety change towards more competitive varieties.


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