Gabaceras, flavour and quality


Europlátano’s Premium brand represents its strong commitment to flavour, quality and sustainable farming

Quality and flavour, together with sustainable farming, have marked the history of Gabaceras. Its almost 30 years of life have been enough for the premium brand from Europlátano to become consolidated as a reference for Canary Island bananas, differentiated in quality and flavour and using artisan growth methods, showing respect for farmers, workers and the environment.

All year long, Gabaceras offers high quality Canary Island bananas. For this reason, the production process of the Gabaceras bananas encompasses a series of differentiating elements in the growing, the packaging, the transport and the ripening processes to obtain a texture and quality that generate confidence in consumers.

But becoming a brand distinguished by its quality and flavour and recognised by the most important Spanish wholesalers and supermarket chains would not have been possible without its great labour force, which maintains the values of continuous improvement that the founding associates of the entity already held: working towards a fruit with the best quality and flavour that meets both the clients’ and the farmers’ requirements.

The sub-tropical climate, the volcanic soils and the water of the Canary Islands, together with the human resources manage to create a unique product, not only due to the location, but also to the growing methods. Additionally, the close location to the European market guarantees the minimising of the carbon footprint and that the degree of ripening is reached little by little, with the fruit remaining on the plant for 6 months. This gives the bananas a greater degree of ripeness, flavour and aroma.

Traditional values and artisan farming methods

Las Gabaceras was the name of the places where the pressed sugarcane bagasse was deposited after it had been dried in the sun, to be used as fuel, when sugarcane was the island’s main export crop.

The brand Gabaceras was used on the market from the 1920 to the 1950s, with a notable prestige on the European markets. Back in 2005, Europlátano rescued it, aimed at bringing back the original philosophy of crops based on traditional values and artisan farming methods which, together with the more demanding quality controls, guarantee an excellent product.

After over fifteen years of recovery started on the island of La Palma and spreading to the islands of Tenerife and El Hierro, we can currently affirm that Gabaceras is a benchmark Canary Island banana for consumers. Consumers who are increasingly more aware of the importance of quality, tradition, sustainability and social responsibility and who recognise the differentiating values and attributes of Gabaceras bananas compared to other bananas: their flavour and shelf-life; values obtained from the effort, passion and dedication of the labour force that make up Europlátano.

Gabaceras and its vocation for improvement

Gabaceras is also a pioneer company with a great vocation for improvement. For this reason, in 2021 the brand is presenting a new image, with which it intends to modernise the company in order to go further. Much more than a logotype and some colours, its renewed image is the graphic representation of its essence: a great human team committed to its history, its values and, above all, to the quality of its bananas.

Furthermore, Gabaceras is working on a digitalisation project that will allow it to obtain and analyse relevant information about the crops, which may later be used for improvements for associates and clients.

Europlátano, the connecting link between farmers and clients

Europlátano is one of the six organisations that form Plátano de Canarias. With over 27 years of history, its aim is to offer the best quality Canary Island bananas, adapted to the needs of the clients on the most demanding markets and generating profits for the farmers, promoting sustainable farming.

To provide its clients with guarantees of this, creating a trust-based relationship, it holds the following certificates: IFS Food, Global GAP, GRASP and Sabor del Año. Ultimately, Europlátano is the connecting link between farmers and clients, resulting in a product with great flavour, which is easy to consume, healthy, produced in Spain and available all year long… a product that is completely in line with the demands of today’s consumers.

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