Ondine and Regal’in™: insignias for flavour


Both Ondine and Regal’in have marked a before and after in the development of high quality stone fruit on the European market. And now, they can also be found in counterseason fruit

Stone fruit has always had a great challenge on the horizon: keeping up the consistency of its taste quality from the start of the campaign in April until it ends in September. And today, although the sector has undergone constant modernisation and development, the great challenge for the businesses and producers that are devoted to this fruit continues to be maintaining a correct consistency in the flavour, which lasts week after week.“Consumers want to have a good taste experience when they buy peaches and nectarines. It is a basic, understandable and very coherent idea. However, when this doesn’t happen, consumers decide to stop buying them for a period of time, because it is also very easy to opt for other categories during the summer season,” sources from Frutaria explain.

Regal’in™ nectarines, peaches and apricots are healthy, fresh and offer consistency in their flavour and quality throughout their campaign. This is their distinction compared to other brands. “Our priority at these times is to build up a Regal’in™ offer in the early part of the European campaign, just when the problem of lack of flavour is most obvious, and in this way, offer end consumers the best taste quality, something that we have been doing from mid June until the end of the campaign. We can also offer the same guarantee with counterseason fruit,” according to sources from the company’s sales department.

Flat fruit

Flat fruit is experiencing an important growth, year after year, perhaps due to the fact that in its case, week after week, the problems with the lack of flavour are very small. Flat fruit guarantees end consumers a good taste experience.

Ondine is capitalising part of this growth in flat fruit both in flat peaches and in flat nectarines. “Our penetration in new countries is important. In addition to the French market, where we have historically had a significant presence, now we have entered Spain, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the UK. The availability of Ondine will grow and this will allow us to access other markets that also want to enjoy flat fruit with greater strength.”

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