“Garlic is just a commodity, it is not appreciated”

Ignorance about this product conditions the price, say sources at La Veguilla.

Garlic is a commodity that is closely linked to tradition. As Elena Mesas, Supply Chain Assistant from La Veguilla explains, there are regions where traditionally white garlic is eaten and others where purple garlic is more usual. And apart from the price, which is set by the supermarket chains, customers do not usually vary their purchasing habits. “It is an unknown product, even for the supermarket buyer”. At La Veguilla they are attempting to overcome this obstacle by opting to use all the instruments within their reach, amongst which is the packaging. An example of this is their blister of two and four heads of black garlic that attract consumers’ attention and that differentiate their products on the supermarket shelves.

Under the trademarks of La Veguilla and El Pilar, they produce and sell the four commercial varieties existing in Europe: purple, white, spring violet and spring white garlic, to which black garlic has been added (in its range for the past few years), ecologically grown garlic in all the varieties (mainly sent to the EU market) and as a complement they also market onions and black onions. All of them produced in Castilla-La Mancha.

Purple garlic represents 50% of its volume, a large part of it under the PGI. “We are from the town of Las Pedroñeras and we believe in this variety, because it doesn’t bring any surprises. It is hardier and it has a long shelf life. You always feel comfortable when you send it to customers”. On the other hand, spring garlic guarantees greater profitability, because it produces more kilos per hectare, although more wastage occurs when it is marketed.

The company currently reaches all the markets: national (DIA, Gadisa, los Mercados Centrales, Corte Inglés), a large part of Europe, with an important presence in England and Germany; and other countries outside the EU borders, including destinations as varied as the USA, South Africa or Taiwan.

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