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Grated tomato, now a reality at Avomix


The company from Malaga is marketing its new reference in large supermarkets with an “excellent” reception

During the lockdown, the fresh cut and ready-cooked produce sector was affected by the closure of the Horeca cannel, but it is currently returning to the channel and to normality. Regarding retail, this sector has not been as significantly affected by the pandemic, because, as we well know, we have looked after ourselves very well during the pandemic and guacamole has been one of the products that people acquired to make all kinds of recipes they saw on social media.

In the case of Avomix, the subsidiary of the company specialised in tropical fruit, Reyes Gutiérrez, the evolution has been positive. “In 2020 we grew by 9% compared to the previous year and in 2021 we expect to increase this figure by around 5-10%.” Additionally, the company from Vélez-Málaga has not stood still and it is already strengthening its productive potential with a third investment to extend its installations, for which it will use over 1.5 million euros.

The company has its own brand, Freshmix, and it also produces as a distributor brand for retail companies such as Carrefour and Alcampo and for producers such as Primaflor. “We try to give visibility to our brand by working alongside the large supermarkets,” explains Jorge Reyes, Manager of Avomix.

The R&D department endeavours to develop products that captivate consumers’ palates. “Every day we try out new recipes and carry out tastings to ensure that the product is what the community is looking for.” To do this, they have a kitchen where they can make the different sauce recipes.

This good work has been recognised by organisations such as the OCU, which places two of the company’s guacamole products on the list of the 15 best guacamoles on the Spanish market in 2021, with the Freshmix brand (mild and spicy guacamole).

Additionally, they have added a new development to their catalogue: grated tomato. “It is now a reality, it is available in large supermarkets, and it is being very well received as it is 100% top-quality tomato,” and they are working on the development of an online sales channel. “Thanks to the daily production, it will allow us to always have fresh produce to meet online orders much faster,” Jorge Reyes points out.

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