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The great leap by Peris to fresh cut and ready-cooked produce


Seven years ago, the historical company from Valencia, Vicente Peris, decided to make a determined commitment to fresh cut and ready-cooked produce, as an innovative spur to its long career as a fresh produce supplier

In 2020, a year in which the entire category suffered from important setbacks due to the closure of the HORECA activity, 27% of its sales came from fresh cut and ready-cooked produce. And the data from the first quarter of 2021 show an improvement in this figure, which now reaches 30%. Its present forecasts include ending the financial year with a 10% increase in sales.

Alberto Montaña Peris, General Manager of the company, comments that “our growth continues to be closely linked to our founding values dating back almost eight decades, where quality and good work were laid down as our premise. These values have allowed us to remain on the market and gain the consumer’s trust, and now we are moving these ideas over to the world of fresh cut and ready-cooked produce.”

Innovative combinations

From the time they started the fresh cut adventure in 2014 up to today, the company now markets over 100 references under the brands Peris and Frutifresh. “The technology and, above all, the human team, allow us to cover all the demands and needs of our very varied clients.”

Coconuts, pomegranates and pineapples stand out due to volume, which are marketed chopped, in slices and in spears. Melons, watermelons and mangos are other fruit that are also well-represented. Additionally, they also work with ‘Energy Mix’ combinations, which bring together fresh and dried fruit, as well as a wide range of fruit-based preparations.

Working alongside the well-known brand La Selva, Vicente Peris was the first company on the market to present one of the summer’s delicacies: melon with ham. “It is the result of a first collaboration, which will continue with new combinations.”

The company’s portfolio of products also covers some peeled and chopped vegetables in fresh cut vegetables, amongst which the marketing of onions in different formats and different varieties of pumpkin stand out.

The installations

Over these seven years, Vicente Peris has made a continuous investment in R&D+i at its installations in the Valencian town of Albuixech. The 400 m² clean room allows work to be carried out in a setting of maximum food safety, with controlled temperature and constant micro-filtering of the air. The commitment to these types of installations has been rewarded by the recognition by the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness as an Innovative SME.

This year, the company has been searching for more sustainable solutions for its packaging, although the company already works with demanding materials, as 70% of the plastic in each tub is recycled, the maximum which, at present, can be used without putting the food safety or the correct conservation of the produce at risk. Also, they use the most sustainable type of plastic, PET, as it is 100% recyclable.

“We are permanently listening, empathising with the needs our clients are considering and, at the same time, putting ourselves in the shoes of the end consumers. From all this, we reach conclusions that we try to materialise in our presentations. In the near future we will launch several proposals that go hand-in-hand with the market trends we have detected,” Montaña comments.

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