“Growing is essential in order to compete”

Natural Tropic is asking for an extra water contribution for the sector. Water continues to be the main obstacle for tropical fruit

The growth prospects for avocados continue to be very promising due to the increase in global demand for this fruit and the attraction conveyed by new markets. “On a worldwide scale, new opportunities are going to open up in Asia – mainly in countries such as China– and the USA could also be interesting,” explains Prudencio López, Manager of Natural Tropic. However, the “knock-on effect” of good prices at source (they have doubled over the past decade) is increasing the number of operators and sources available.

In the middle of this situation, Spanish avocados continue to have a special place on the European market due to their quality and their advantageous position regarding their proximity, which is synonymous with freshness. Nevertheless, Prudencio López warns that “if we want to compete with imported fruit, we must continue to grow. And to do this we need more organisation and resources, through an extra water contribution” to avoid solely depending on La Viñuela reservoir. “Water is still the sector’s main challenge.”

In the case of Natural Tropic, its growth strategy involves the addition of crop surface area in Cadiz, added to the farms that the company from Velez already has in Malaga and Granada.

They foresee closing 2021 with an invoicing of 50 million euros and 18 million kilos, including all its references (+9% accumulated growth in kilos). In these results, the ecological segment already makes up 25% of the business turnover.

As a new development for this campaign, Natural Tropic is extending its range of fresh products with two new references, papaya and pitaya, which complement their service and are mainly aimed at small supermarkets. On the other hand, in the fresh cut and ready-cooked line, they will incorporate new guacamole formats (it is worth remembering that a few months ago they received the top qualification in the OCU study of the best guacamoles on the Spanish market), and they will continue promoting their 100% natural spreadable avocado paste. Additionally, for the next campaign they will incorporate High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment.

The company is carrying on its strategy of giving priority to its own production, both for fresh produce and for preparing its processed products, and it continues to promote alliances with reliable suppliers in counterseason.


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