“Heroes” who are feeding Europe

In COVID-19: CONVERSATIONS WITH… we talk to Luis Martín Garvayo, head of horticultural seeds for the Iberian Mainland and Italy at Syngenta and Zeraim.

In the video-interview, Martín explains that “we are supplying seeds without any kind of problems and research is continuing smoothly, following the Government’s regulations. The most important point is that this does not stop and we can supply innovation.” Although, at least in horticultural produce, no important changes are expected regarding the substitution of one crop by another or movement of dates, “farmers are going to try to stagger their sowing and avoid peaks in their need for labour at a specific moment in time.”

From the very beginning of the crisis, both Syngenta and Zeraim have launched a positive message praising the sector’s work. “Today, being able to supply ourselves with our farmers’ fruit, which has excellent quality and safety… I think that this message must be reinforced. This is going to help people in the cities understand how important our farmers’ work is and that it is a priority sector in Spain’s economy. We must feel proud of ourselves; we are working with heroes who are fighting to supply Europe with food.”

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