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HUERCASA, guarantee of service

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Huercasa will emphasise its year-long guarantee of service in almost 40 countries at Fruit Logistica

In spite of the complications for the agrifood sector derived from the war in Ukraine and the drought, Huercasa is maintaining the guarantee of service of its steamed vegetable products 365 days a year, always top-quality, which are endorsed by the main international stamps of quality.

To achieve this guarantee, Huercasa brought forward its crops in 2021, in order to get ahead of the drought and the foreseeable raw material crisis. It has also made investments both in its production plants in Spain and Romania and in its logistics centre in Spain, to increase production and storage capacity.

In this way, with its strengthened supply chain, the company can guarantee the service over the next months both to its Spanish clients and its international ones. Always a top-quality product, thanks to the fact that the company has concentrated its innovation in recent times on improving the quality of its main references.

New developments

Alongside the traditional products, such as steamed corn-on-the-cob and steamed beetroot, in their different formats, the company will take advantage of Fruit Logistica to internationally reveal its four new vegetable references, conveniently and quickly, ready to eat: grilled corn-on-the-cob, halved sweet potatoes, marinated beetroot for salads and potatoes cooked in their skins.

As with the rest of the Huercasa range, they do not contain preservatives, they are very natural products, steamed, as consumers would do in their homes and vacuum-packed to aid their conservation over a longer period.

Additionally, on its stand Huercasa will promote its extensive work with bio products, which allows it to serve virtually all its reference using ecological crops, as well as its constant innovation and commitment to sustainability.

New packaging

Along with these new products, Huercasa is taking advantage to show its new packaging, a commitment to sustainability that is framed within the company’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This change involves the reduction of plastic used in the containers, replacing it with paper sleeves, meaning a 15% reduction in the carbon footprint.

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